Great Experience, Even Better Guide

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Sierra 20farr

I recently went on a tour with a few friends to Machu Picchu and Rainbow mountain led by Elvis. He was the perfect mixture of a professional guide and personal guy. He knew everything about the trip from the beginning of the trail head to the history of Macchu Piccu to where to get the best pictures to how to get the best train to our next location. All the while, he is a fun and funny guy we genuinely consider a friend now. I would highly recommend a trip run by him for anyone interested in a hike that is well planned and filled with learning about the nature and history of Peru.

Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley Day trip

A truly 100% experience with local people and learning our native language, quechua and visiting aheutntic communities which are nearby Rainbow Mountain. This wonder is located in Cusco, Perú and very closer to Ausangate Mountain considered one of the highest mountains in Peruvian andes.