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Salkantay Treks

The Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu is indeed a popular and stunning trekking route in Peru, offering a diverse range of landscapes and experiences. Salkantay, standing at 6200 meters above sea level, is an impressive mountain that adds to the beauty of the trek. The route provides trekkers with breathtaking views of mountains, lush vegetation, hot springs, coffee plantations, and opportunities to interact with local communities.

Kenko Adventures appears to be a tour operator that offers Salkantay trekking packages of various durations, allowing travelers to choose the itinerary that suits their preferences and time constraints. The final destination of Machu Picchu, especially during sunrise, is a spectacular reward for the challenging trek.

It's great to know that the itineraries are designed by experienced guides, ensuring a well-planned and safe trekking experience. The option to hike to Machu Picchu Mountain or Huayna Picchu Mountain adds an extra dimension to the adventure, allowing participants to enjoy panoramic views of the archaeological site from different perspectives.

For those considering the Salkantay Trek, it's important to be prepared physically and mentally for the challenging terrain and altitude. Additionally, checking the weather conditions and making necessary arrangements, such as obtaining permits for Machu Picchu and the optional mountain hikes, is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable journey.

If readers are interested in this trek, they can visit the Kenko Adventures website or contact them directly for more details on the available tours, itineraries, and booking information.

Salkantay tours

Salkantay route is on its way to become one of the most famous across the world due to its ample geography and bio diversity of flora and fauna, this route goes through Humantay and Salkantay high mountains.
Afther hiking over the glaciers mountains, We visit Santa Teresa tropical valleys. The farmer from these towns are dedicated to coffee plantations and more other sweet fruits like passion fruit, oranges, papayas, bananas and honey bee farming.
This trekking route to Machu Picchu is situated in Cusco region, nearest to Vilcanota mountains chain on the Peruvian andes. This hike starts from Cusco city then we will drive til Mollepata town (2.5 hours bus trip approx.), it is little town where we will stop to supply water and make ...

Reviews for Salkantay Treks

Kati S

Amazing trip 100% worth the 4 day hike and better than just taking the train to Machu Picchu. Our guide Primo was full of knowledge and kept us happy and fed. Coolest thing I’ve ever done. The guide and porters are definitely worth the money since they carry all your belongings up and down 8000-13400 ft. If possible I would recommend getting to Machu Picchu more towards the afternoon because the main view was cloudy, but still visible. Also… ...

Matthew A

I’ve been in the hospitality industry for 17 years and they blew my expectations out of the water. Elvis was such a knowledgeable guide, food and camping service was great, and they were so helpful with us taking in every moment of the 4 day trek. Trip of a lifetime and Kenko made it magical!


Free warm jacket for my litle friend!

Kenko Adventure Peru founder decided to add a social proyect in all Our tours that means, if you are booking a tour with Us, you automatically are donating a warm jacket for Our litle kids that have very hard living in very cold conditions near by the Andes Mountain

f you are booking a tour with Us, you automatically are donating a warm jacket

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