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Humantay Lake, the turquoise Andean mirror that you should visit

Humantay Lake 1

The Humantay lake is located in the Vilcabamba mountain range, at the foot of the Humantay mountain.

It is a fascinating lake located at 4200 meters (13800 ft.) above sea level and is the second highest lagoon in Cusco. Its origin is glacier and has a beautiful emerald color.

To get to the lagoon you can hire the Humantay Trek Full Day, or if you are on your own, you must travel from Cusco to the town of Soraypampa.

Incan Aqueduct, way to Soraypampa

Soraypampa is located at 3900 masl (12800 ft) and is also the starting point for the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. From here you can see the snowy peaks of Salkantay and Humantay.

You can also make the route from Challacancha, about 3 hours before Soraypampa by the Inca Canal that still exists, on the way you can see multicolored landscapes, and cultivation areas of local people. There is no shortage of llamas, alpacas, vicuñas, sheep, and a variety of plants such as ichu and native trees.

Arriving in Soraypampa, you can spend the night in a variety of specially built bungalows. At night you can see the sky full of stars. Otherwise you can continue with the walk towards the Humantay lagoon.

Soraypampa - Humantay Lake

After walking for one to two hours you will arrive at the beautiful lagoon, its beauty is similar to the Peruvian lagoons of Llanganuco, Parón and Palcacocha that are located in the Cordillera Blanca in Ancash.

Entry into the lagoon is prohibited, due to protection measures to conserve the glaciers. The return by the steep road can be dangerous, we recommend to be careful

Recommendations to visit this place


Check the itinerary and Inclusion

  • Review the tour itinerary to ensure it aligns with your preferences and interests.

  • Clarify what is included in the tour package as what's not to avoid any inconveniences with the service provider.

Consider Altitude Acclimatization

  • Plan to spend a few days acclimatizing in Cusco before the tour to minimize the risk of altitude sickness.

  • Follow recommended altitude sickness prevention guidelines, such as staying hydrated and avoiding strenuous activity upon arrival at high altitudes.

Pack Appropriately

  • Pack layers of clothing suitable for fluctuating weather conditions, including warm layers for chilly mornings and evenings.

  • Wear sturdy hiking boots with good ankle support and consider bringing hiking poles for added stability on the trail.

Communicate Dietary Needs

  • Inform the tour operator of any dietary preferences or restrictions you may have, such as vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options.

  • Confirm that meals provided during the tour will accommodate your dietary needs safely and satisfactorily.

Also, if you have any other concerns or doubts, contact us to let us know what type of arrangement you may need for your visit to Humantay's Lake.



Humantay Lake Trek Full Day Tour

Embark on a full-day adventure from Cusco to Humantay Lake, surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the Andes. Enjoy a scenic 2-hour drive through picturesque towns, with stops for breakfast and exploration. Begin the 1.5-hour uphill hike from Soraypampa to reach Humantay Lake, where you'll be captivated by snowcapped mountains and diverse flora and fauna.

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