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Maps for Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (Camping)

Short Inca Trail with Camping Map

Maps to embark on a unique 2-day camping experience with Kenko Adventures

We offering a short version of the Inca Trail tour. Camp by the Urubamba River and Huayna Picchu Mountain, recommended as the highlight by many previous clients.

Key Features:

Local Engagement: Support local communities by renting their camping areas. Visit the Butterfly House for a cultural touch. your booking contributes to providing a warm jackes for childrem in the cold Andes mountains.

Sunset at Machu Picchu: A rare chance to witness Machu Picchu at sunset, creating a magical and memorable experience.

Two Machu Picchu Visits: Explore Machu Picchu on two separate days for a thorough and relaxed encounter with the iconic site.

Scenic Train Ride: Enjoy a comfortable Expedition Class Train journey through the Incas Sacred Valley, offering stunning views of the Andes Mountains and VISTADOME TRAIN 360 VIEW on the way back to Cusco.

Archaeological Sites: Visit Incan sites like Chachabamba, Wiñayhuayna, Intipata, and Inti Punku (Sungate) for a rich historical experience.

Provided Camping Equipment: Benefit from included camping gear, ensuring a comfortable trek with amenities like sleeping tents, dining tent, hot shower tent, inflatable pads, hiking poles, table, cutlery, and a portable bathroom.


Clear Itinerary: Provide detailed itineraries and maps to help participants understand the route and schedule.

Environmental Conservation: Emphasize responsible trekking practices and environmental awareness to contribute to trail sustainability.

Safety Measures: Clearly communicate safety procedures and physical demands to ensure participant preparedness.

2 Days Camping in Google Maps

2 Days Camping PDF Map

Short Inca Trail 2 Days with Camping

"Experience the 2-Day Inca Trail tour with camping or hotel options. Visit Chachabamba, Wiñayhuayna, Sungate, and camp beside the Urubamba River near Huayna Picchu Mountain. Discover Inca history and breathtaking views on this unique adventure." book now¡