About Peruvian Government measures for Travelers due Covid-19

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The Peruvian Government has taken the following measures to fight COVID-19:

  • Travelers entering the country must fill out a sworn statement (link) and also provide the following before boarding the plane: a negative PCR test issued up to 72 hours before boarding or a negative antigen test issued up to 24 hours before boarding.

  • The entry of non-resident passengers from South Africa, Brazil and / or India or anyone who have made a stopover in said countries in the last 14 days is suspended until August 22. 

  • Quarantine is canceled for travelers entering the country with the exception of Peruvians and foreigners residing from South Africa, Brazil and / or India or anyone who have made a stopover in those countries, who must carry out a mandatory quarantine at their home, accommodation or other temporary isolation center for 14 days from arrival in Peru.

  • The use of a face shield is no longer required to board national or international

  • The use of a mask is mandatory throughout the country, as well as the use of double masks in closed places, such as airports, shopping centers, banks, supermarkets, among others.

  • The population is reminded of constant hand washing, avoiding crowds and maintaining social distance

More information:

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