Classic Inca Trail for 2024

Classic Inca Trail 2024 available!

The 4-day Inca Trail tour is very famous in the world of travelers who hike, and for this reason the Peruvian government launches the first sale of tickets for travelers in the year 2024. And they can only be purchased by agencies. of trips authorized by the Peruvian government to operate on the classic Inca trail in 2024.

The Inca Trail is an authentic trail that was designed in the 15th century as a connecting path between peoples by the Inca culture that crosses valleys, mountains, and descends to the tropical valleys of Machu Picchu with an extension of 45 kilometers.

The route is designed with stone paved paths that go up, down the mountains, with steps that cross the dense vegetation and reaches up to the clouds connecting with archaeological sites such as Patallaqta, Wayllabamba, Warmiwañusca, Runkurakay, Sayacmarka, Phuyupatamarka, Wiñayhuayna and finally Machu Picchu.

Why does the Classic Inca Trail have limitations?

The limitations we have for the classic Inca trail for 2024 are due to the camp spaces, since they are not enough for more than 500 people a day, these include everyone such as: tourists, tour guides, porters and staff. support as giving an average of 250 tourists per day only. The most popular and smaller camps are Pakaymayu alto, Chakicocha, and Wiñayhuayna, so this trekking route is very limited and tickets have to be purchased in advance.

Is it possible to reserve the Inca Trail permit using an expired Passport?

Yes, of course you can book your  classic Inca Trail with expired Passport, but once you have the new one you have to inform your tour company the new number of your new Passport, that allow us to change the correct information for your classic Inca Trail tickets and at the end you Will be ready to go on your Inca Trail tour.

What are the Classic Inca Trail Availabilities for Classic Inca Trail for 2024?

Space availability for 2024 begins in the first week of October 23, and we recommend making your ticket reservations in advance. Ticket sales for the 2024 Classic Inca Trail begin on October 1th  as follows.

Inca Trail Permits Availability for 2024

  • January 2024: Available every day.
  • February 2024: Closed for maintenance. 
  • March 2024: Available every day.
  • April 2024: Available every day.
  • May 2024: Available every day.
  • June 2024: Available every day.
  • July 2024: Available every day.
  • August 2024: Available every day.
  • September 2024: Available every day.
  • October 2024 – Available every day.
  • November 2024 – Available every day
  • December 2024 – Available every day.

Why you must book Classic Inca Trail in Advance for 2024.

  • We Will secure your Classic Inca Trail tickets with good campsites.
  • You are going to be able to modify your departure day untill january 1, 2024
  • You can open the departure day any day for 2024.
  • You can have long periods of time to prepare yourself before doing your Classic Inca Trail.
  • You can choose the best season to do the Classic Inca Trail. (dry season May to September)
  • We Will guarantee your departure once you book the Classic Inca Trail for 2024.
  • You Will book your Inca Trail tour with Price of 2023.

What is going to be the Price for Classic Inca Trail for 2024?

The prices of the tour for the Inca Trail will change by 2024, due to improvements in payment to our porters. This is established by the Peruvian government for the following year, since many of our porters are exploited by large companies with many years of work. In this field, KENKO ADVENTURES PERU is committed to respecting the payment established by our government and helping our brother porters to get out of this work enslaved by other large companies.

What tour operator do we recommend you to hike Inca Trail in 2024?

We recommend our company KENKO ADVENTURES PERU, since we are a young company but we have a lot of experience working in this field and we are one of the few who respect the work of the porters with their salary and good treatment.
Our staff of tour guides, cooks and support staff are very prepared and friendly with many years of experience.
Another reason to book with us is that, if you book with us, you will automatically be donating a warm jacket for our children who live in the mountains as part of our 2024 project.

How to book the Inca Trek for 2024?

You have to fill in your personal information in our booking form (lower down is the link):
Book your Classic Inca Trail
Also you can look additional information in: Classic Inca Trail 2024

You will have a payment deposit option of $ 200 USD per person using any card then once you done the payment deposit, we Will send you the confirmation form for your tour. 
Once you finalize the booking process, you Classic Inca Trail tour is 100% secure and your departure as well. 


Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu: 4 Days

Inca Trail 4D. 3N. to Machu picchu, Distance: 45 KM. / 26 miles, all inclusive. explore more incan sites and Machu Piccchu through Sungate. book in advance. We offers hot showers, gourmet food, extra porter, and 360 view train.

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