Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley: Ultimate Travel Guide 2024

 Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley: Ultimate Travel Guide 2024


Rainbow Mountain, also known as Vinicunca, has become a sensation on Instagram and is now one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in Peru

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the history, logistics, and essential tips for making the most of your trip to this destination in Cusco Rainbow Mountain, to difference ourselves from the rest, we also include the chance of running an extra hike to the Red Valley (which is close to the Vinicunca) with the assurance of safety and expertise provided by Kenko Adventures.

Unveiling the Hidden Gem:

It's amazing to think that this region was completely covered by snow in previous decades, however, with the melting that has been present in many Andean region, the snow opened space for many destinations that were before unconceibable by locals imagination. This was only one of the stops that visitors had the chance of visiting by running the the hike that ended in the highest Mountain in Cusco and the fifth in Peru, the Ausangate Mountain, with gradual changes in the landscape the Rainbow Mountain revealed its appearance because of the climate change that affects the planet on its entirety.

Guided tours started in January 2016, showcasing the stunning red, yellow, and orange hues created by weathering and mineral deposits.

Tour Logistics with Kenko Adventures:

To reach Rainbow Mountain, a tour from Cusco is a necessity. 

While a new road has shortened the actual hiking distance, the journey involves a 4-5 am hostel or Hotel pick-up, a two-hour drive, a breakfast stop, and a final ascent to the mirador. 

The day ends with a return drive to Cusco, all under the expert guidance of Kenko Adventures.

Weather Considerations:

Choosing the right time to visit is crucial. 

The dry season, from March to November, is recommended for optimal weather conditions.

Wet weather can diminish the visual impact of the mountain, so checking the forecast before planning your trip is essential with Kenko Adventures ensuring a seamless experience.

Booking Your Tour with Kenko Adventures:

Booking a tour online has become more convenient, with various options available. 

Prices range, but a well-rated, reasonably priced full-day tour with Kenko Adventures can be found on reputable platforms. 

While booking in Cusco is an option, online reservations with Kenko Adventures offer reliability and convenience.

Altitude Precautions:

Altitude sickness is a significant concern at Rainbow Mountain, with an elevation of 5,200 meters. 

Acclimatization is crucial, and attempting the trek within the first 48 hours of arriving in Cusco is not recommended. Adequate travel insurance, covering altitude-related activities, is essential, and Kenko Adventures prioritizes your well-being.

Packing Essentials:

Smart packing is key for a comfortable journey. Hiking boots or trainers, layers, a waterproof jacket, hat, suncream, and a reliable water bottle are necessities. 

Preparation is vital, especially if you plan on multiple hikes in Peru, and Kenko Adventures' safety measures ensure your peace of mind.

The Beauty of the Journey with Kenko Adventures:

Beyond the Instagram-famous Rainbow Mountain, the entire valley offers breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and ridges

Taking breaks during the hike allows you to absorb the scenic beauty and appreciate the unique landscape, all while being under the safe guidance of Kenko Adventures' experienced team.

The Red Valley Hike with Kenko Adventures:

As part of the Rainbow Mountain day tours, not all agencies offer the opportunity to walk the extra 3.5 - 4 hours through the less crowded Red Valley. Doing this may make the overall day trip experience more worthwhile and memorable. 

If you’re keen to book a tour that definitely includes time to hike the Red Valley, then Kenko Adventures is a good option with their safety commitment.

Concerns about Overtourism:

Rainbow Mountain is grappling with overtourism, with daily visitor numbers reaching alarming figures

The strain on the site raises concerns about sustainability, litter, and the well-being of local horses used for transportation. Responsible tourism practices is crucial for the site's preservation, and Kenko Adventures is committed to both safety and environmental responsibility.

Consider Alternatives with Kenko Adventures:

For those seeking a less crowded experience, alternatives like Palccoyo Mountain, the Ausangate Trek, and the Red Valley offer similar colorful landscapes

These options provide a chance to explore the region without contributing to the challenges of overcrowded tourism spots throughout the country, all with the assurance of safety and expertise from Kenko Adventures.


While Rainbow Mountain remains a must-see destination, it's essential to manage expectations and make informed decisions

The addition of The Red Valley Hike enhances the overall experience, contributing to a more comprehensive exploration of the captivating landscapes in the Peruvian Andes. 

Kenko Adventures' safety-conscious travel practices and exploring alternative sites contribute to the sustainability of these natural wonders. 

Regardless of your choice, leave only footprints and cherish the memories of your Peruvian adventure with the confidence of hiking with Kenko Adventures.

Contact us for more information about this tour or any traveling plans to Peru you may have, we'll be glad to help you out!

Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley Day trip

A truly 100% experience with local people and learning our native language, quechua and visiting aheutntic communities which are nearby Rainbow Mountain. This wonder is located in Cusco, Perú and very closer to Ausangate Mountain considered one of the highest mountains in Peruvian andes.

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