Traditional Inca Trail

Traditional Inca Trail

In our country, we have the Traditional Inca Trail which is considered as one of the 5 top hikes around the world and is located inside peruvian lands, ending at Inca Citadel Machu Picchu. It has a length of 45 kilometers through the famous Sacred Valley of the Incas and traversing the Vilcabamba mountain range to finally reach the tropical forests of Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary.

These trails are perfectly stone carved in the deeper slope portions, the walls support this trail for more than 600 years and up in the hills there are perfectly cut steps with accurate angles, as the Inca trail goes forward our visitors will reach archaeological sites as Patallacta, Wayllabamba, Runkurakay, Sayacmarca, Phuyupatamarca, Wiñayhuayna, Intipata and finally the Machu Picchu Sanctuary.

In order to make the traditional inca trail, a licensed travel agency which operates through the Inca trail is required and mandatorily a professional and certified tourism guide. These measures are required due that along the trail there are different checkpoints in which visitors must report with their respective documents (passports, etc) and also the agency staff.

When it is appropriate to make this trail?
The Inca trail is usually open between March to January, throughout all the year the only month that the trail closes is on February due to cleaning and restoration. But, the months that we advise to make the trail is during dry season which is from April to October as generally we have sunny days and the rest of the year we have rains. Nevertheless, we still have many visitors during rainy season and they have to be adequately prepared for it.

Is there a limit for the Inca trail?
Yes, there is a limit for the  Inca Trail permits. Only 500 people are allowed per day and this amount includes all the staff and tourists which access every day. To be clearer, generally 300 people are companies’ staff and only 200 are tourists. For this reason, we recommend making your booking with a minimum of 6 months in advance, so you can guarantee your visit and avoid inconveniences.